How Secure Are Your Bi-folding Doors?

Since bi-fold doors Perth generally promote an open and continuous indoor and outdoor spaces, most people think that it’s luring thieves inside your house. This is not correct at all. While conservatories are occasional targets for robbers and thieves due to its less secure and poorly constructed structure, it’s the door that will make or break the structure’s safety. 

Sliding bifold doors are normally more difficult to break in compared to normal sliding doors or french doors. Most exterior bifolding doors and interior bifolds are built with a multi-point secured locking system, along with an inline checking system that makes it nearly impossible for intruders to mess and tinker with the doors’ mechanism. As such, these bifolds are usually attached to a concealed gear within the door’s bottom track. In order for any person to remove the bifold door, they’ll need to remove this concealed gear, too. On top of that, they will also need to remove the  lock pins made from hardened steel. This can only be done if the intruder came with serious break in tools. Otherwise, no intrusion will likely to happen. 

Aside from the concealed gear and the steel locks, all the door panels come with beaded frames that overlapped with its glass panel. To even boost your security, you can also opt for double-glazed glass. From these alone, you can really say that sliding bifold doors are safe by design. 

We at Elevate Windows understand that you and your family’s safety is of primordial concern. This is why we make sure that every bifold that we make and install will be highly secure. Aside from the multi-point secured locking system, we also added a snap secure lock cylinders to our traffic doors as a form of security standard. This kind of lock comes with highly secured hook locks, dead bolt, and a latch. Also, we made it a point to secure each door panel pair with high-quality and durable shootbolt lock from top to bottom of the panels.