Are Bifolding Doors Energy Efficient?

Aside from aesthetics, one essential question when deciding if you should opt for a bifold door is whether or not these bifolds are energy efficient and weatherproof? 

The direct and precise answer to this question is yes. However, other factors may affect the total energy efficiency and level of weatherproof capacity of these sliding bifold doors

Interior bifolding doors with aluminum frames are made of thermal breaks with polyamide. These insulates the cold aluminum structure. Additionally, it also sets up a system thermal bridge. Simply put, the aluminum used in bifolds is not solid aluminum in all parts. The said thermal breaks intercepts with the metal while creating a barrier that will make the aluminum warmer and properly insulated. 

In terms of the glass used, the higher quality the glass is, the more improved its thermal performance. As our standard, we use glass units that has warmer edge spacers on its edges. Also, we use argon gas and coating that’s low in emissivity in between the panes. All of these specifics help build an energy efficient glass that’s used in making any sliding bifold door or exterior bifolding doors

Now that we’ve established the energy efficiency of bifolds, the next question would be — are energy efficient bifolds better compared to other kinds of doors? 

The straightforward and honest answer to this question would be it depends. Newly set-up doors and windows may be energy efficient, but if other parts of your house are losing the needed heat, mere window replacement won’t solve the problem of excessive and unnecessary heat loss at home. 

In this case, setting-up a new bifold system must be made an integral part of any home improvement efforts so that the energy efficiency is improved in areas where it’s most needed. 

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, we at Elevate Windows can help you! We take pride in our bifolding doors and windows — you can be assured that your convenience and your needs are heard and provided.